Whether you need a Voice Over recorded

a TV  series Sound Designed

or a Feature Film sound track from Design to delivery

Mixing Theater


EAW 3 way/Powersoft 7.1 main micro perf screen monitoring

KRK Expose or Genelec mid field monitoring

All mixing & monitoring is software controlled for unrivaled project  parameter flexibility and set up speed

Voice Over Studio




Telephone Hybrid

Foley Kitchen


DCP creation or restripe

DDP CD mastering


Micsound collaborates with a regular band of experienced freelance professionals on the big projects

Michael Slater Micsound

Owner Sound Designer

Scott Findlay Sound Design

Sound Designer

Gerrard Long Audio Outpost

Foley Artist

Tristan Merideth Film Sound Australia

Sound Designer

David Muir

Sound Editor

Group Loop


Sound Supervision and Design

Audio Post-production, Sound editing,

VO ADR recording, Foley recording.

Located in the Film Hub building

  • Charlie & Boots
  • Strange Bedfellows
  • Take Away
  • Human Voices
  • Spin Out
  • That’s Not My Dog


  • Trafficked the Reckoning
  • Rosa’s Journey
  • The Melbourne Story
  • Hope
  • Hanging with Hoges
  • The Real Housewives of Melbourne
  • The Amazing Race Australia
  • Prank Patrol
  • Vet On The Hill
  • Cliffy
  • Sound Relief Concert
  • The Legends of Rock
  • INXS Rockin the Royals
  • Join in the Chorus
  • Michael Jackson Live